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Douglas Davids Investment Manager and ESG specialist Fidus Consulting Services

Vendor aggregated ESG scores – the devil is in the detail…

South African asset owners are increasingly recognising that long-term sustainability matters when it comes to investment management. This is especially evident in the number of investment mandates issued by asset owners which includes ESG investment strategy as a qualifying criterion.  In tandem, we are seeing an increase in the number of asset managers highlighting their …

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Corporate South Africa has committed to paying SMEs in 30-days

Corporate South Africa has committed to paying SMEs in 30-days. As MBAs, we can help make this happen. The ´Pay-in-30´ initiative In an effort to ensure South African SMEs survive the economic crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 50 large companies have formally committed to paying their SME suppliers in 30 days. …

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Was my MBA worth it? Rezaan Daniels

Was my MBA worth it?

I get asked a lot – is an MBA worth doing today? My answer is usually plain and simple – you are asking the right question! Was my MBA worth it? My one-year full-time UCT Graduate School of Business MBA (2014) really took me until 2019 to complete.  Why is that? To get the full …

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Leading Imperfectly

Leading imperfectly, as this seagull itself, in its imperfection, is an incredible ability during times of tribulation. We often compare ourselves to others, we internalise our perceived imperfections and feel guilty when we don’t have all the answers or seem to also find it difficult to cope. Leading imperfectly is not having all the answers, knowing your own limitations, being humble in your learnt knowledge, however, despite this, being able to get up and take flight. Take flight with the knowing that, in doing from a place of humility and courage, you give others hope.

Networking is relationship building

No MBA ever needs to network

Through networking you increase your visibility, it’s an avenue to exchange ideas, learn about different industries, and create new job opportunities. It grows your self-confidence and improves your creative intellect; innovations are most times formed by external factors around where we find ourselves. The intellectual capability in different careers is significantly enhanced upon from interactions we have built with other persons over a while- Forbes
And while networking was easy at business school, afterward most of us go back to everyday life. Yes, you kept in contact with some classmates, maybe, but times things change and life happens. Eventually, you get into a position where you start to think that you got little to no value from your MBA, you forgot what you learned, and lose touch with your alum or classmates.

Shifting the needle on climate change

Talking about anything with environmental or social undertones often comes with the risk of appearing holier-than-though. But with drivers like the sharing and trust economies, there’s no mistaking the concurrent shift in the way we do business and need to live our lives. In fact, trust has become an economic super-power, with promising prospects for whoever dares to embody it.

The said shift can also be seen in these examples of emerging workplace trends amongst LinkedIn’s “50 Big Ideas” in 2019: leaders pursuing inclusivity; integrity trumping growth; and “Chief Ethics Officer” becoming the new C-suite title