There is power in being around former classmates and MBA graduates from around Africa who can share in the experience. Together we create an instant community to share knowledge, opportunities and collaborate on ideas.  Not all things are about fun. We will host online and in-person events, growing the learning and deepening the benefit of holding this qualification.

Increase the power in collaboration by being housed within one business directory.  Business is all about networking, leveraging relationships and building new network channels. The business directly not only showcases a mix of new and established MBA owned business but offers visitors to the community an opportunity to advertise vacancies and find possible resources.

MBA Connect is committed to changing the perception of graduates. With access to a range of graduates, diversified skills and years of experiences, our platform will be an ideal meeting place for new opportunities (speaking events, think tanks, jobs, etc.). We use our time to lobby with industry needs, encourage and influence the resourcefulness of an MBA in the workplace environment.

Publish your thoughts, and transform an industry or society with your views and opinions. We have a few in our circle looking to academically take the next step into post-doctoral studies, and others who want to share through their knowledge. community.

Learning from the experiences of others and gaining practical advice, encouragement and support is a sure way to grow society. We believe empowerment comes through connected relationships. Our program connects professionals to MBA graduates and takes a little further step in connecting recently graduated MBA’s with those standing tall for years!

All MBA holders welcome