Networking is relationship building

No MBA ever needs to network

Are you a lone wolf? Got an MBA and happy in your job/business? Let me guess, you belong to enough networks?

There are plenty of reasons we don’t network, like family obligations, busy at work, introverted, not enough time in the day, being very satisfied with where you are career-wise, etc.

Also, few people take to the process naturally… Very few of us relish the chance to meet strangers and spend time telling them about ourselves and actively listening to them while they talk about their boring lives. Yes, oh so very interesting…

So, why make the effort? What are the benefits of networking? Most importantly, why should you network with other MBAs?

Your level of thinking sits around the level of the people you are surrounded by. Did you spend 1-3 years in business school and make the financial and personal sacrifices, so you could have a limited growth spurt? Expand your horizons!

Through networking you increase your visibility, it’s an avenue to exchange ideas, learn about different industries, and create new job opportunities. It grows your self-confidence and improves your creative intellect; innovations are most times formed by external factors around where we find ourselves. The intellectual capability in different careers is significantly enhanced upon from interactions we have built with other persons over a while- Forbes
And while networking was easy at business school, afterward most of us go back to everyday life. Yes, you kept in contact with some classmates, maybe, but times things change and life happens. Eventually, you get into a position where you start to think that you got little to no value from your MBA, you forgot what you learned, and lose touch with your alum or classmates.


Well, there is a solution! Network with your work colleagues, in your industry, or with your alum. However, if you want to network with high caliber individuals across all industries, all professions, all universities, and regardless of demo-graphical limitation – Join MBA Connect and network with all MBAs in Africa, who studied in Africa, who live in Africa, and from all Business Schools in the world. So, let’s face it, once you get an MBA you want to value, continuous ROI. And MBA Connect is a way of continuously increasing the value of your MBA.

Some networking strategies from HRB

• Re-frame your reasons for networking- It’s a way of making interesting friends for the long-term with a common interest e.g. career growth, education, business, location, the same set of values, or similar goals.
• Identify people you truly respect – try to get to know one or two people at a time. Get to know someone, and leave them with a good impression.
• Identify your vehicle for networking- With MBA connect you can meet MBAs from across the world who are African, went to African business schools, live in Africa, and who want to stay connected to high-quality peers for career, personal, or business reasons. Maybe even form a few friendships along the way.

Most importantly, be yourself! At MBA connect we want to get to know you, your interests, your goals, and your thoughts on everything. 

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Author: Terrill Christians, she owns & manages Success By Design, a business consulting and training service, specializing in Strategy, Product Design, and Organisational Problem Solving. Before being a business owner, she worked for 14 years in the financial services and IT sectors, her roles related to bringing about a change or introducing new strategies or products into a business. She has an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch (USB), and her research was in the field of corporate governance and sustainability disclosure in the banking industry.

At MBA Connect Africa, we encourage MBAs to write articles and share their knowledge, thoughts and ideas, about business, environmental, governance and societal issues. MBAs are welcome to submit articles to us. email:

There is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance. Buddha

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  1. Amelia van Heerden

    I believe the best value to be gained from networking is the different perspectives of other people. To keep your mind open and allow other views to influence your thinking. We all come from different backgrounds and we absorb differently. To learn from others and their unique ways. Sometimes, just listening to someone else’s point of view, could mean the start of an incredible new venture. Knowledge and wisdom are meant to be shared. MBA Connect is one of the platforms that allows for this.

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